Heart Strings Project

The history of criminal justice in America and around the world demonstrates that those who are imprisoned have undiagnosed and untreated emotional and mental helath challenges. These individuals who suffer from depression and/or substance abuse need treatment and intervention --- not incarceration.


​The Heart Strings Project seeks to discover, engage and support mothers with sons in prison.

  • The mission is accomplished by creating accessible networks for personal healing, emotional wellness, resource development and the sustainability of family solidarity.


The Heart Strings Project travels around the world to host conversational "Circles of Hope and Healing" for mother's who have experienced the throes of having to navigate the criminal justice system, while trying to emotionally survive during their sons incarceration.

Mothers - who are often alone during these difficult times - experience grief, loss, feelings of emptiness due to shock and trauma of having to deal with a sometimes unfriendly and inequitable justice system.  These mothers need support, compassion, and understanding that isn't always provided from their family and friends, which make these women feel isolated, mentally exhausted, and sometimes depressed.

The Heart Strings Project translates "justice" to "just us" mothers working together to resolve the pain, hurt, disbelief, and unwanted burden of being a mother with a son in prison.


  • Provides behavioral health and emotional wellness services, resources, referrals, and programs for mothers with sons and mothers with incarcerated sons;
  • Conducts mothering and parenting enhancement classes for women who are raising sons whether alone, with fathers, or other support;
  • Dedicated to improving relationships and empowering families by offering services and programs designed to create sacred space for mothers and fathers to communicate, connect with, and create positive outcomes.

The Criminal System Needs Reform and "Just Us" Mothers Can Lead That Movement

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